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Hot Tub Time Machine

It was a little bit like those quiz programmes where the contestants are so pleased they are first to beep, or whatever, that they hardly realise they don’t know the answer to the question. When the offer to see Hot Tub Time Machine for free at my local cinema came up, I clicked for tickets before I knew what I was doing. Then checked the film, and my heart sank. Told Daughter, who laughed at me. She watches all trailers, so knew it was an odd film for me to want to go and see. And want is not the right word.

With two tickets available it was a toss-up between Daughter and the Resident IT Consultant. He lost, so he came along. The cinema was packed, which is unusual to say the least, considering it was a Monday evening. The Resident IT Consultant feel asleep, but luckily on my shoulder rather than the person on his other side. Two women left after half an hour, presumably having had their share of nude men and the f-word for one evening.

Hot Tub Time Machine

In my humble opinion the film would have been greatly improved with an 80% cull of the f-word. There would still have been plenty of it to go round. The idea of time travel back to your youth is not original, but most plots aren’t. Quite a nice premise, actually, but not executed as well as it could have been. The 1980s might not have been the loveliest of decades, but was not too bad either. And as ever when aiming for authenticity, the film makers went OTT, so lost some of the ‘truth’ in one fell swoop.

It was fairly funny and I sort of enjoyed it. Quite sweet in some ways, even. Pretty revolting in others. And Clark Duke was good as the ‘young one’, who wasn’t even born.