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NCIS – Enemies Domestic and LA – Deliverance

Or we could simply say it was about the bosses and their Russians. And the past. I wonder if they decided on plots together, or if it just happened?

Hetty continued with her old men friends with their bad foreign accents. She must have shrunk even more, because I don’t remember Hetty being half of anyone else’s height. But she’s a shrewd little thing.

NCIS: Los Angeles was good this time round, with the double episode. Though I couldn’t quite see the rationale behind Kensi’s predicament with the red lines. It was there more to let Deeks be resourceful, than anything. But at least they didn’t kiss.

Fantastic to see what they can do to make actors look twenty years younger. You could see it was the young Vance, but he looked sufficiently unlike himself that it was realistic. The main problem with men turning younger is that they have got heavier with age. So they rejuvenated several of the actors, and then proceeded to fail with Gibbs, yet again.

The scriptwriters must have been desperate to have another ‘chick fight’. Nice to see they could avoid making the unpleasant people the baddies, and instead make us like the one who ‘did it’, before making us ‘unlike’.

They had worked hard on tying up so many little details from the past that I’m not sure there’s much left to tie up in future. Some were nice to see, while others would have been better left alone.

All in all, a good week, except we have to wait three weeks until the next time…