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The Muppets

Was it worth seeing? Yes. And no. It was good, and it wasn’t. It’s not every film that features a singing cheese sandwich. But sometimes musical food isn’t enough.

As with most things, if you are a real fan, there is always something which can be salvaged. So it was good to see the old Muppets again. It had been too long. But I didn’t care all that much about human Gary or – dare I say it? – new muppet Walter. The will was there, but not very much more.

Miss Piggy and Kermit

Mr Richman and friends

The cameos were fun. Would have been more fun still if I’d known who they all were. Possibly not their fault, but cameos want to be totally recognisable famous people.

The plot was worthy enough, and the bits where the Muppets find each other and get started on working again were just what a fan wants. The show they put together wasn’t terribly good, however. It was there to raise money, and it did, so presumably the show was supposed to be a highlight? If it was meant to be so bad it was good, then it needed to be bad a lot better. It’s as if they decided it was going to be funny, but forgot – or were incapable of – making it so.

(Back in my student days, the writing was great enough that it was used as examples of linguistics in my university lectures.)

On the other hand, the good bits were very enjoyable, even if a long abstinence might have helped to make me feel that way. I hope if there is less opportunity for abstinence in the near future, that we can have something with a far better script.

The Muppets

For All Time

I have a confession to make. Or maybe it’s not I who should confess. Because I live in the wrong part of the world I never saw For All Time on television. When I started searching for the DVD I found it doesn’t exist. Considering how many really crap DVDs of terrible films you can buy, it would seem someone fell asleep on the job when they didn’t put this on DVD. The YouTube snippets suggested I really would like the film, so I looked on eBay where it was offered at an inflated price. I even – shock, horror – contemplated downloading it on the internet. Except there were no downloads available. And if what’s sold on eBay is a homemade video-to-DVD then the price needs to reflect that. In the end I found a cheaper copy somewhere else. The picture quality is bad and the sound is dreadful, and someone who shouldn’t, made money out of this. But at least I was able to see the film.

Mark Harmon and Mary McDonnell in For all Time

For All Time is about time travel, but not the sci-fi kind. It’s more a reflection on the stress of modern life and how many of us wish we could be somewhere else. Mark Harmon plays a man who accidentally ends up in the past when he travels to work by train. He meets a widow with a young daughter and he falls in love. He goes back and forth a few times. He’d like to stay there and he also feels he should stay with his wife in today’s world. It’s not an obvious choice.

And then he makes his mind up, but things don’t go smoothly.

The film is both a romantic dream as well as a true picture of modern life at the turn of the century. There is no absolute right or wrong, but given a choice you still need to decide.

As people say on IMDb, there needs to be a DVD of this film. Seeing that there are a few people around who like Mark Harmon, and seeing that there are people like the Resident IT Consultant who likes trains and the romance of the ‘olden days’, I reckon there are a few potential buyers out there.

Someone please do something!