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NCIS – Kill Screen

That was one excellent episode. Have they been listening to the fans or was it a lucky accident? This week’s NCIS was back to good old standards, as long as that doesn’t sound as if new isn’t good. This was new, it was good, but it was built on old strengths.

And whereas we know that McGee’s game and computer skills will save the day at times, who’d have guessed that Gibbs would make such an excellent pawn?

They were friends. All of them. McGee was very much himself, but both Ziva and DiNozzo were ‘quite nice’, which is too rare. Abby was Abby and Gibbs was extremely Gibbsy, not suffering fools, but not being unkind or too angry without cause.

Me, I’m in such a hurry that I really don’t have time for blogging tonight, and certainly not for finding photos to do with this, but an episode like Kill Screen can’t be left un-praised. We need more of this.

Just don’t shoot!