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NCIS beginnings and ends – Angel of Death, and Bury Your Dead

Hindsight makes me dislike more about season four than I noticed at the time. Probably because I didn’t actually like the Tony DiNardo disguise. I wasn’t dead keen on Jeanne, but hated the way she was being used, which once you know, is pretty upsetting if you watch again.

But, we are still talking good writing, and a strong end to one season and a very good start to the next one. Once you stop having qualms about Jeanne, that is.

NCIS - Angel of Death

We haven’t watched Angel of Death very often. I used to think it was a mixed up episode, and my co-watcher isn’t too keen on the druggie’s sister in the morgue. Well acted, but disgusting. Her boyfriend is deliciously clever and crooked and very Irish.


But the rest is pretty decent. The thread about the little girls on the loose in the hospital, who might be Shirley Temple, or not, is fun. Not so sure about leaving Gibbs in charge when the Director goes away. Why would he be? Nice cliff-hanger ending.

NCIS - Bury Your Dead

For a first episode, Bury Your Dead is one of the best. That car bomb is most effective. The way Abby and McGee have mirrored each other overnight, helping the Director and Gibbs respectively, works well.

La Grenouille and Kort

I love McGee’s comment to Ziva about how his parents raised a gentleman while Ziva’s parents raised a killer. La Grenouille gets his come-uppance, but by now we almost like the man. Kort is as bad as we want him to be.


And overnight, Director Shepard’s hair grew a good few inches.


Funny that not one of them thought to comment on that.

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NCIS – Blowback

When the Resident IT Consultant’s away, the witch and Daughter watch more NCIS still. For some obscure reason we haven’t watched Blowback, season 4, very much. Actually, the obscure reason for me is Director Shepard’s obsession with The Frog, but that aside, it’s a very humorous episode.

There is the discussion over a suspect’s dead body – who they did not intend to die – on all the possible ways they could have had him end up dead, had he not had a heart attack while being followed. Climbing lots of stairs is, as Ducky points out, ‘rigorous for most, but rigor mortis for him’.

Gibbs shows his childish side in pretending to sound like a frog, and we se him and Di Nozzo in the gents’ toilet. Not that all that much seems to happen in there. As Gibbs points out, they need running water.


Ducky goes under cover and finds he quite likes the Director’s foe. And in actual fact, the Frog is quite a nice man for a bad man.

Hate to admit I’m an idiot, but I still don’t get the ending. Not so much what happens, but more what Director Shepard had intended to happen. And there may have been a continuity glitch, or perhaps I just failed to pay attention.

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