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Trying to Skype it

If the Stones can play Glastonbury, then Gyllene Tider can play Allsång på Skansen.

I put the laptop in front of the television, so it too could watch Allsång. (Actually, it was a feeble attempt to make it possible for Daughter to watch from afar. Via Skype. But it didn’t work.) I had to enjoy Måns Zelmerlöw all by myself, and couldn’t help wondering if his prattish fall off the stage was a re-enactment of an earlier, genuine fall. He didn’t seem to enjoy it.

Allsång på Skansen, Gyllene Tider

His childhood stars, the old men of Gyllene Tider were there. As I said. They are all a few years younger than me. Micke Syd now looks like his Dad. (That’s not a bad thing. Just a reflection on how life goes on.) Anders no longer has to sleep with Per when they go on tour. And Per thinks composing songs is a doddle, ‘it usually goes quite well.’

We had a choir, and we had a brand new 15-year-old, Zara Larsson. She looked so nice that I sincerely hope she won’t be as successful as Carola who came after her, wearing a dress worthy of some US television star. She has been around for so long – 30 years – that her old hits are now Allsång songs.

I kept staring at the people in the audience, who from what one hears will have been there since early morning. Do I know them? Are they famous? Or do they simply look like typical Swedes in some way? Speaking of which, I am not xenophobic, but do feel this programme is best suited to have Swedes performing. Passenger was their first foreign guest, and I’d never heard of him. His song was all right, even if his voice was a bit odd, but I’d rather he’d not been there…

GT returned with a medley, which was a little Flickorna på TV2, some more Juni, juli, augusti, and all of Sommartider. And the weather was sunny, and all was perfect. I even switched to the online second half, so heard a bit more GT. (They’re playing locally next week, but with no ticket I’m unlikely to hear them.)

Måns Zelmerlöw, Allsång på Skansen

I’m always struck by how everyone sings at Skansen, and how they seem to enjoy themselves. No one is too cool. By getting up at the crack of dawn, you too could sing live – and out of tune – on Swedish television.

And one of these days I will not find the word ‘husband’ strange when I see it rolling in the credits. It means ‘house band’ so means backing musicians. But I suppose a husband comes in handy for all sorts of things.

License to watch

I pay good money for my Swedish television license. I can’t recall quite how much it is, but a normalish sort of amount. I’m under the impression the money still goes to the state owned television service people at Radiotjänst. At least, I’ve never been informed to the contrary.

And seeing as I pay this sum of money for about six of the 52 weeks I might be in Sweden for, it’s not cheap. Especially since I often find little to watch, and most of my visual entertainment comes from DVDs. But you still need a license.

So when the SVT1 broadcast went on the blink mid-Allsång på Skansen on Tuesday, we were annoyed. It righted itself, only to die more thoroughly an hour later, mid-Tomas Ledin. Luckily I was only watching out of curiosity, never having been a fan, and simply switched off the television.

On Wednesday we checked how things were. Iffy. But a semblance of SVT was available, although in a hiccoughy way. And so we left things until the Resident IT Consultant uncharacteristically wanted to watch the start of the Olympics on Friday night. He got perhaps ten minutes before the signal disappeared.

I googled, in order to see if this was a widespread problem. Seems it was. Hallandsposten online had an article from the day before, outlining the olympic anguish of fans near us, who had missed out on the football and were very concerned.

The Resident IT Consultant, who in his mis-guided British way expects problems like these to be sorted smartish and promptly, was surprised. I was surprised at the companies mentioned in the article. They seemed to be in charge, although I’d never heard of either Boxer or Teracom. Were they responsible for me too? Despite me paying Radiotjänst?

It seems they are. But they weren’t worried. According to Hallandsposten they had eventually (because you don’t want to hurry these things, do you? The customer is usually wrong) switched on their reserve wotsit, and things were running smoothly. End of story.

But we couldn’t see the Olympic sheenanigans. And there was nothing the matter with the non-SVT channels. You get Olympic games every four years, and surely we can wait until 2016?

What’s the hurry? This being Sweden, where authorities are rarely wrong, I don’t believe there will be any compensation for lack of signal.