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My kind of interview

Maybe I should get a life, instead of sitting here gazing at my blogs. But then again, why should I?

I like going on about what I like in interviews and especially what I don’t like. If I’m to do them I want a face-to-face interview. After all, I feel that’s what the word means. And as I once said in a similar discussion, chatting over the phone you can never find out that your victim (aka interviewee) slurps soup when they eat, or that they are wearing cerise striped knee socks. Personally I feel it’s the kind of thing that makes an interview.

Did some moaning over on Bookwitch the other week, about the differences between authors’ availability for interviews and that of potential victims on CultureWitch. Culture people outside the book world are more protected and less keen to meet a mere blogger for an interview. You can get as far as speaking to someone’s PR and they sound very interested, until you mention it’s not for the Guardian or the BBC.

But it’s not always the traditional and proper media that makes for better interviews or articles. Last month the Guardian let Courtney Love edit their Friday film & music, and I thought it was great! Far better and more fun than the ordinary Friday ones. There was a particularly good interview with Courtney herself by Alexis Petridis. Just the way I like it.

Doesn’t mean I can’t do something like it as well, though. Access is nine tenths of the interview as far as I’m concerned.