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I despise people who blog on subjects they know nothing about. But here I am, all ready to blog about Adele. Mercifully – for you – it won’t be long. I’d been wondering about Adele for a bit, having worked out she might actually be someone I could like, while also being someone I knew next to nothing about. So the fact that Swedish television seems capable of showing programmes other than stupid reality competitions on a Saturday night, meant I had an hour of Adele, Live at the Royal Albert Hall I could watch.

To put it briefly; I liked it. Her. I often don’t like music when I hear it for the first time, so I’m glad it wasn’t like that. I liked it immediately. And my relief to find that a woman is able to sing, and to do it well, while also being fully clothed, is considerable. I mean, who’d have thought? Adele even looks like she’s eaten food recently. And still she can sing!

It’s been a while since I was at the Albert Hall, and let me tell you, back in those days it would have been impossible to have everyone there waving telephones around. But it was most effective, with those lights shining like stars, and all for Amy Winehouse (who I also know nothing about).

Adele at the Royal Albert Hall

You can’t blame Adele for needing to wipe her eyes, and it must be so fantastic getting the audience to sing, word perfect and in tune, almost as if they had rehearsed it. With television cameras in the Hall, you could see that Adele’s fans sang along to all the songs.

I suppose I feel a bit left out, as I couldn’t sing with them. But maybe my time will come.