Should you really have to prove you are alive?

Actually, stupid question. I do this once a year to qualify for my pension.

But otherwise? There will probably always be magazines who like to write and print sensational untruths about famous people. I suspect German ones are no worse than many others, although sometimes they do come across as rather bad. I don’t read them.

The only good thing about them lying about Roger Whittaker is that they at least consider him famous enough that he is worthy of their attention. It seems he is ill and possibly not living in France and his children don’t visit. Or something like that.

So this week he provided his German fan club with a short video where he speaks, mentions where he is [France] and how sunny it is, before pointing to the man beside him, who is in fact Roger’s son Guy.

Nice to see them both. But it shouldn’t be necessary.

And as has been pointed out, Roger is 86. He’s allowed to ‘be old.’


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