Binge & Co

I’ve been waiting for me to say something about this season’s – which is nearly over – NCIS, et al. Maybe you have, too.

Somehow it’s been harder to watch. Not anything to do with quality; just that the spirit hasn’t been there. In me, I mean. Us. But in the last week I have discovered what was missing. Company, and a bit of bingeing. This is odd for someone who likes her peace and quiet, not to mention needs to save something for later and not watch it all now.

We watched NCIS Hawai’i together. The first episode, I mean. It was OK. I wasn’t majorly impressed, though, as it felt like your average US television show. After a long, long while, I watched episode two alone, as Daughter had stopped watching and the Resident IT Consultant clearly didn’t care for it. Decided not to watch any more.

The family watched the first couple of episodes of NCIS season 19. The mind boggles. 19! Wasn’t sure how they were going to get rid of Gibbs, but always assumed he’d get himself honourably killed, somehow. The Resident IT Consultant and I have watched on and off during the year. It’s been OK. Parker as ‘the new Gibbs’ is fine. He’s no Gibbs, but Parker is OK in his own right, and the switchover was done quite nicely, I thought. Keep expecting Christine Baranski to sweep through the door at some point, though.

And watching Bull has been down to me, all alone. When I have an evening with no company, I watch. It’s been an uneven ride, but on the whole it’s been good. Losing Benny was probably a sensible idea, although I don’t see how his rookie replacement can suddenly have not only become a lawyer, but to be quite so ‘experienced’. That’s fiction for you. They’ve gone down some darkish directions, but seem to find their way out of them again. At one point I expected the whole cast to be got rid of, one by one, Agatha Christie style. Loved the Christmas episode.

So, there we were, just before Easter, when I demanded company. So, while Daughter caught up with NCIS, I watched again. Season 19 came across as a lot tighter and better when watched in quick succession. And in company. Must do that again some day.

Daughter had watched all of Hawai’i on her own and liked it. Of course she did. So we are now watching it together at semi-binge speed. And you know what? I like it. It’s better for company.

In other words, we propped each other up. And bingeing isn’t so bad after all.

I now have Bull standing by, hoping for a quick traipse through season six, which I gather is going to be the last. That’s probably wise. Leave this party and find something new and fresh.

Old man NCIS will be back for its 20th year. Perhaps that’s a good round figure to end on? Because they are all getting older, and Parker is not that much younger than Gibbs. Too old, in other words. (As was the actress playing Victoria Palmer. What were you thinking?)

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