The Muppet Show

Yeah, because that’s what you were hoping to read about just now, wasn’t it? Well, it is what it is.

It’s become a sort of smallest common denominator thing for the Witch household. We need something to watch with meals, when we don’t feel like talking, and it needs to be a little cheerful, and not so long that you regret starting. Besides, you can always watch two episodes.

I used to love The Muppet Show! And now, well I think back to how starved of entertainment we must have been. It’s good. Some of it, anyway. Certain kinds of humour do not age well, however, including there being warnings before some of the episodes pointing out that [today] we might find them offensive. More baffled, I’d say. The first time we weren’t even sure what was meant to offend.

But the stars! Oh, the stars! I was going to say some of them I’d never heard of, but of course, since I watched all this 45 years ago, I will have seen them at least once before. The more forgettable ones I’ve… well… forgotten.

Kermit is fine, and I still identify with Miss Piggy, and while many of the muppets are less fresh and fun than they once were, they are OK. But the humans… Some of them would rather not have been there, and I quite agree with them. They could have made space for someone else.

Regarding some of them I have begun wondering how you could be a big star back then and have so little appeal. (On the other hand, it seems Daughter is far more tolerant, despite not being of an age where she watched ‘live’.)

Others again are both seemingly keen and also good star material. Some were famous back in the day, by which I mean I knew them as stars at the time, while others have remained reasonably famous all these years.

Some time in the 1990s I was still so keen that I went out and bought the videos. All of them. And they were expensive. I was also delighted when the new Muppet Show began, as I was sure they’d simply carry on from where they left off. But that was a bit of a disappointment.

It was Lena Horne the other evening. I had to explain her to Daughter as the Alphabet Song lady, but that didn’t help. She’s still good though. Great voice. And I’d forgotten the other Sesame Street number Lena used to sing.

There’s plenty more to watch. Some of the stars are worth waiting for, and some of the jokes still work.

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