NCIS – And then there were, erm, not very many

left. At all.

The scriptwriters and those who decide what happens in NCIS ought to be ashamed of themselves. If the purpose is to remove as many characters/actors as possible before the end of season 18 and, one has to assume, the end of the whole shebang, there is no need to decimate the cast quite as harshly as this. Apparently they even omitted telling Emily Fornell that she was going to be no more.

Other – successful – television shows have ended after many seasons, with all or most of the characters still standing; some of them even living happily ever after. Or they could try repeating the bomb that that blasted most of the Navy Yard nine years ago.

But before that, please leave us with some characters left to watch. Even love.

One of the things that makes for a successful show, is the building up of many supporting characters; the ones who come back every now and then, and who we like and who add to the breadth of our NCIS family. The loss of three characters in as many episodes looks like carelessness.

We have devoted fifteen years to this. Yes, I know. It’s season 18, but we started late and went faster to begin with. Those years amount to a quarter of my life, and half Daughter’s life. Yes, we’ve done other things as well, but it’s a long friendship.

To start with we also rewatched many episodes. Less so now, because we are busy with other stuff. Returning to older episodes has always been an enjoyable pastime. But it’s harder to have fun with characters in the past, when you know that there will be a sad, or completely wasteful loss of their lives, later on. You can’t laugh at the ridiculousness of someone, if you know something that you’d rather not know about.

And to think that just the other day we were speculating about the speculations that Mark Harmon might semi-retire next season. We were discussing who could take over from Gibbs and make it work.

(The answer is Abigail Borin. She is [the only] well known and likeable character we have, who is still alive, and who is boss material.)

2 responses to “NCIS – And then there were, erm, not very many

  1. katiegirl06460

    Unfortunately the actress who played Abigail Boran burned her bridges after the drunken tirade on social media. I doubt they would have her back after that.

    I don’t believe (may I am in denial) that Mark Harmon is leaving yet. IF he is then well okay. I don’t like the online articles that are fueling the rumors and speculation. I also don’t like the fans assuming that Mark is retiring and leaving the entertainment field altogether. He said eventually he was going to producing or directing.

    • Well, there seems to be little to have her back for, the way things look.

      Mark Harmon is far too old for Gibbs. I’m not saying he can’t or won’t work, but if he stops being Gibbs or is a part-time Gibbs, he needs to be succeeded by someone else. But with an ever smaller team, it might not require a boss at all.

      So, speculation is one thing regarding an actor. But he really is too old for the role, even if he’s the age now that David McCallum was when NCIS began.

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