NCIS – not many left to kill





This might not be enough. But then there was no warning at all of spoilers when Daughter stumbled on the bad news for NCIS episode seven. Although I suppose one could have guessed some of it, by paying attention.

So, I firmly believe it was right for someone to die from Covid. It’s realistic and it might tell some doubters what’s what. It also only works if it’s a longstanding character, who you know and like. And from a practical point of view, it is often worth not killing the main characters. Although, consider the impact!

So we, and Jimmy, have lost Mrs Palmer, and their young daughter her mother.

We now have a veritable stable of what I call John Wayne characters; men whose wives are dead. It’s too much. Not only is there only one more wife who could be killed off – and I sincerely hope not – but there are no male equivalents. Neither Sloane nor Kasie nor Bishop have partners.

There has been talk of losing Sloane. She wants to run a bar in Costa Rica. Maybe. Personally I thought she looked more like she’s ill but is trying to hide it by talking about Costa Rica. I am probably wrong. It’d be ‘nice’ for a character to leave willingly, and while still alive.

They wore face masks at last, now that Covid has caught up with them. Possibly not always worn correctly as far as time and place is concerned, but this is fiction. It’s enough that they do.

We need more new characters being introduced. Not necessarily to kill them off, but the team can’t really spare anyone else now. And please keep Ducky on his computer screen, where he will be much safer.

4 responses to “NCIS – not many left to kill

  1. there was a tweet from the actor who plays Torres there is a new character being introduced but I am not sure at what level.

    • I had a look. It’s not very clear, is it? But I somehow feel we don’t need more handsome men; more women and other roles.

      • katiegirl06460

        IT isn”t clear you’re right. Unfortunately it may not matter as once again the “is Mark Harmon leaving” is rearing its ugly head and there may some truth to it but I would rather wait until “official word” from CBS or Mark Harmon.

        As it is it looks like NCIS NOLA is ending at the end of season 7

  2. Yes, it’s a shame about New Orleans.

    Re Mark Harmon, he really is too old for the part. Whether the show can go on without him is another thing. Now might be a good time to stop, or maybe not.

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