Pregnant? No. Maybe?

Anything’s possible. Obviously. But no, I don’t believe that large shoulders is a sign of someone being pregnant. Those are called shoulder pads. Very 1980s, and I suppose they had to come back.

But a lot of you believe that Renée Felice Smith is pregnant. Maybe. Some of the searches for this were last year, but rumours regarding NCIS: Los Angeles’ Nell are surfacing again. I was advised by Daughter to have a close look, as Nell had looked ‘ a bit fat.’

Nell and Eric

She did, and she didn’t. It could be the dress. The jacket – and its shoulder pads – could simply be a fashion thing, rather than somewhere to hide a baby.

So as I watched this week’s episode, with the predicted ‘back at work and almost like normal’ situation, I deduced Renée isn’t pregnant. At least not from what you can see. A woman can be expecting with nothing at all to show, until it does.

(Of course, even actors can put on a bit of weight. And, there have been threats of someone leaving…)

Actresses of a certain age might want to have children before it’s too late, but still continue acting in successful shows. Look at Daniela Ruah. And, thinking about the unexpected, but not unlikely, move of Eric and Nell, erm, moving in together, it could be a precursor to an on-screen development, or to explain away a real life one.

We’ll have to wait and see.

Nell and Eric

I wonder if CBS realise quite how many fans are looking for news about Renée Felice Smith? Sometimes it seems as if they believe they can decide who’s the most popular character in a television show, when it is actually us, the viewers.

Didn’t particularly like the yellow dress, but Nell often wears flaky outfits. And why not? Excepting the shoulder pads.

(Photos © CBS)

One response to “Pregnant? No. Maybe?

  1. I also was of your opinion until this week’s episode that is October 21st 2018. Seeing that character wear that outfit is almost screaming I’m concealing my pregnancy but I will be fair and tune in to watch to see if anything no pun intended develops one way or the other. Worst case scenario, the actor is wearing something that looks like they are pregnant when they are not. I could live with that if it turns out that she doesn’t have a bundle of joy expecting. As long as she’s in the show, I’m happy.

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