NCIS – Pay to Play

Really? They flipped their episodes round? You can’t introduce the team to Clayton Reeves now, when Torres was talking to him two weeks ago.

The episode before last was the very worst I’ve seen, and that’s saying a lot. What were they thinking? Quinn fantasising about Gibbs, and him letting her?

But we all make mistakes, and the Thanksgiving episode was pretty good. Not old good, but passably good. They seem to feel that Bishop should do her relationships in the Thanksgiving episodes. That’s three years in a row, if I’m not mistaken. I liked her brothers, and they had the best line at the end.

Made the mistake (see, told you!) of checking what people on Facebook thought. Basically that if they are going to be muslim friendly on NCIS, they will stop watching. So that’s reassuring to know. And it appears the new British Prime Minister is a fan.

And then this week we’re back to crap again. Except, if they made the programmes in the opposite order, there is still hope for the post-Thanksgiving one, yet to come. A date for Vance? Well, maybe it’s time. I almost hoped he’d opt for the night security detail.

There is still time to sort this show out! But the scriptwriters need to sharpen their wits and the directing needs to be better. And perhaps if Mark Harmon showed a bit of interest…

3 responses to “NCIS – Pay to Play

  1. susan m conklin

    Hate to see the decline of NCIS. Characters coming and going getting bazaar. Harmon rumors scary, and the latest about ALL seems to be lack of research. There’s a Mark Harmon in MO (not an actor) who was a cancer patient – disease may have returned. Hoping for best, as everyone else is.

  2. I’m sorry for the other Mark Harmons out there who are unwell. But I don’t think they have much to do with our Mark. If he was seriously ill, he’d not be working, Hollywood star or not.

  3. susan m conklin

    really enjoyed last night’s episode. good to see Fornell, and newbies and rest of cast worked well together (IMHO). Is this an upward trend?

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