NCIS – Decompressed

Wow! That was an episode to take you back to the beginning! Almost, anyway.

Gibbs, McGee, Ducky

Locked-room mystery on a ship, with the agents helicoptered across, and Ducky doing a remote autopsy. Great stuff. Add to that a bit of Valentine’s agonising (seriously, tofu hearts?) and I’d say the scriptwriters have nailed it.

Decompression sounds truly awful, and here you can see how unappetising it might be to share your small chamber with a corpse for four days. Whether it’s better or worse once you’ve tried to autopsy your ex-workmate, I have no idea.

NCIS - Decompressed

I thought the captain looked fishy. But the lawyer obviously took the biscuit for any fishyness, admitting to having been born without empathy. And with three equally bad looking potential murderers, the question was who to pick.

That mess room looked awfully familiar. It reminded me of the submarine in season one, and that is a very long time ago. I really must watch all the episodes in chronological order, again, some time. Shouldn’t take more than a year. Or two.

The question is, dare I hope for similar quality next week?

(Photos © CBS)

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