Terry Wogan

There was just one thing I wondered about in 1982. Who’s Terry Wogan? His name was everywhere, and that was without me even ‘looking.’

As is always the case when everyone seems to know something that you don’t, you sort of hesitate to ask. In case it makes you look stupid. So I didn’t ask about this Terry Wogan, but as chance would have it, when the Resident IT Consultant departed for his early train to London every morning, I switched the radio to Radio Two, and after a while I discovered that I was listening to Terry most mornings.

It was very nice, rather like having a kind and intelligent friend come round. This was in the days when there wasn’t so much entertainment available; we had no television, for example. And obviously none of the timewasting things we all enjoy today.

There was just Terry. And to me he was such a radio person, that when we eventually had a television and he was on it, I felt it wasn’t quite right. I did come to expect him for Eurovision and Children in Need, but radio is where Terry belonged.

And now he’s gone.


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