Christmas University Challenge

Not being a regular viewer of University Challenge, I’ve been a bit hit and miss over the years. I did enjoy most of last year’s Christmas specials, and it’s something the Resident IT Consultant and Daughter and I can share.

This year I knew I wouldn’t forget, as the captain for the Manchester team happens to be a facebook friend. Not someone I know well, but it’s nice when something good happens to anyone you’re even a little connected to.

Manchester team

So I knew which team I was going to root for, and I did think they were a particularly good team. Well matched, and all four buzzed and contributed.

Christine Burns kept us updated online on what it had been like, without ever putting any spoilers out there. I am ‘borrowing’ some of her pictures.

Manchester team

I’m not the greatest fan of Jeremy Paxman, but he does do rude comments very well. He’s refreshing that way, so different from fawning television presenters, who smile and say bland things.

After the rather good team from Sheffield stopped Manchester’s hope of a place in the final, we wished Sheffield would win. Nicci Gerrard confirmed my theory that authors are good allrounders. Last year I enjoyed Philippa Gregory’s efforts on Christmas University Challenge, and this year it was Nicci who impressed.


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