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Happy 2015 Christmas

I hope you all have a nice Christmas, just the way you like it.

Blue bauble

NCIS – Spinning Wheel

Ahh, that was sweet. And it’d be churlish for me to pick holes in the Christmas episode, so I won’t. Much. Let’s hope Nicholas turns up some more, and that he won’t have to suffer more health issues. I’d even thought about model Mallard trains a couple of days before.

There’s one good thing about it being Christmas. We know it has to end well for most, but a token corpse or two. Although Bishop’s marital problems don’t seem to be going the way I’d have expected. Perhaps they feel her being married is a burden, so Jake has to be got rid of?


It was nice of them to give Ducky an outing of his own, despite the improbability of so much happening to the team members. I suppose they realise they have officially made their ME over 70 now? Less than David McCallum’s age, but don’t they have to retire?

And I’m feeling so Christmassy I will let the state of Ducky’s father’s home alone, as I will the London streets, the double decker bus and the luxurious looking hospital corridor.

Was intrigued about seeing Angus Clarke again. I do understand them wanting to have him and the young Ducky, because they are just so Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuryakin. But last time we were told they never saw each other again. (Which is no worse than the discrepancies between Gibbs and Fornell then and now.)

Young Ducky and Nicholas

Let’s hope this was a Christmas episode of goodwill that will last longer than just Christmas. A bit like the new puppy that is for life.

A road in Switzerland

‘Meanwhile, on a road in Switzerland…’ Or some such statement. I’m not guaranteeing I have the exact quote from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. but it is close enough.

Not to Switzerland, but to the spirit of what went on in the episode. Episodes, even, maybe. When you have watched them all mixed up they tend to blur a little. As does the road in Switzerland.

The road is presumably really somewhere near Hollywood, and it got used heavily in most of the episodes where Solo and Kuryakin needed to be out in the countryside of whatever country they were in. So it’s become a bit of a family joke. We know what we mean when we say ‘road in Switzerland.’ It was so clearly not a road in that country, which is why we noticed. Otherwise the first time could equally well have been almost anywhere else in the world.

Daughter has now moved to Switzerland. Nothing to do with U.N.C.L.E., or not much. She is finally moving into a flat of her own this week. As we were talking about it a while ago, I asked if she’d noticed anything about her new address. She hadn’t.

I suggested she think again, a bit harder. She got it that time. Her address will – very nearly – be Road in Switzerland…

(It looks nothing like Hollywood, btw.)