To the cream

I like Gruyère. In fact, I like most Swiss cheeses. They are generally of the kind we at CultureWitch Towers call ‘big holes’ cheese, as opposed to ‘small holes’ cheese.

I like meringue, too. But I’d never combine the two. Which is why on my first visit to Switzerland this summer, I was left nonplussed by the dessert at the Italian restaurant we went to. Meringue, served with Gruyère cream.

I tried to imagine it. I really did. I suppose if I’d been feeling adventurous I should have ordered it. And I didn’t even put it down to me having problems with the French langauge, although I obviously do, never having learned it.

On my third visit the penny dropped. It wasn’t a cheesy meringue dessert at all. It was meringue with cream. Cream from Gruyère. As a place name, not a description of cheese. Although the cheese clearly gets made from Gruyère cows’ milk.

When I return this time I really must try the Gruyère meringue.

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