It’s the hair

I suspect it’s the hair. I feel we have lost Gibbs and he has morphed into Mark Harmon over the summer. I know that sounds stupid, but however nice Mark might be, he’s a Hollywood actor and not a federal agent of any kind.

Did Mark grow tired of not growing his hair? I hope it will be cut at some point soon, like in season four. Although that time he was still Gibbs. A Gibbs who’d changed a little, but still basically the same man. The imposter we’re seeing now is an elegant actor, with far too good a haircut. In a crisis you tend not to become better groomed because you look at life differently. You might let yourself go, but not this.

I know it should be about other things, but for me it all comes down to the hair.

And Penny’s hair in the Big Bang Theory? That’s grown too. Admittedly after having been cut short last year, but still. I don’t mind which it is, but back in May we saw her and Leonard going off to get married. And now they started off by getting married, only with longer bridal hair.

It was a bit like the day in 2007 when NCIS Director Shepard’s hair grew several inches in a few hours.

4 responses to “It’s the hair

  1. susan m conklin

    Absolutley the hair. But i know where this is headed. Gibbs needs time to campaign for POTUS! Do you expect Charlie Sheen to suddenly show up? However things turn out when Gibbs is off show so am I.

  2. Yeah, that might be it. Although he had better hair last time he was president.
    If Doctor Who can be president of the world, then why not Gibbs?

  3. susan m conklin

    I’m baaack! Isn’t an actor’s hair and wardrobe chosen by someone(s) other than actor? Would Mark Harmon choose that new hairstyle or G– awful ‘priestly’ garb last several seasons? And why did they kill Diane? Scenes with her and Gibbs and Forenel were worth price of admission. And why don’t I get a life?

  4. You and I have a life. It’s called NCIS.
    I think Mark might have a view on the hair (as he has to share it with Gibbs), but probably puts up with the rest.

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