Is Gibbs late late?

On the Late Late Show with James Corden on the eve of the NCIS season 12 finale, Mark Harmon claims he’s as replaceable as anyone else. In one way, obviously yes. In another, probably not.

Mark Harmon on the Late Late Show

I only watched the Late Late Show after the episode of NCIS they talked about, and James Corden is clearly not a fan or he’d know what he was saying. But they mention that a popular character is killed. Mark Harmon wouldn’t say who. In which case they weren’t referring to Dorneget, who had already died. The only much loved character in any danger in episode 24 was Gibbs.

Ergo, they might have meant Gibbs died. But you don’t expect the lead actor to go, and Mark was talking much like he has in the past.

But re-watching the end of the episode, you can’t see how it can be anyone else, or that he’ll survive.

On the other hand, CBS appetisers for the new season start in September tells us Gibbs is being operated on as the others do what they have to do. This suggests he’ll live, more likely than not. And that is what you have come to expect from popular fiction on television.

So who were they referring to in the James Corden interview? Someone is wrong. If you’re having an operation, you are not already dead. Gibbs might be destined to be ‘late’ but not in season 12.

(Screen cap © CBS)

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