Monthly Archives: June 2015

Indian Kitchen

We enjoyed a pre-graduation lunch the other day. Between us our family never seem to be in one place at the same time very often, so Son said he’d buy his sister a graduation meal some other time, and then they ran out of time for that too. Hence the scramble to get together when Son and Dodo arrived in Sweden and the rest of us hadn’t yet left. And then GP Cousin and Swiss Lady ‘gatecrashed’ the event to celebrate my birthday (well, sort of) which they had missed.

Daughter said she felt like Indian food, and whereas it’s been years since we’ve tried Swedish Indian food, Halmstad does have several restaurants now. We went to Indian Kitchen in Nygatan, and we can recommend it. GP Cousin even found food that wasn’t too hot for him…

We took a while to sort out one group of meat eaters and one of veggies, and Swiss Lady only changed seat three times, and then we went to town with the ordering, and I was very grateful Son was paying.

They have a whole page of the menu featuring paneer dishes, so I simply closed my eyes and picked one. It turned out to be the one where you don’t get a plate to eat off! Everyone else got a plate, and food, and there I was, with nothing. But I ate three vegetable pakoras while I waited and they were good. And once my food arrived, on a much fancier plate, and very nicely arranged, I was glad I ‘picked’ it.

All the others liked their food too, and the nan bread was nicer than what I’m used to. In the end we only needed one doggy bag for the chickpeas Daughter optimistically ordered as well as her paneer madras…