Isn’t that Koothrappali?

The Christmas tree is up, and the Christmas music is playing. The latter on the iPod and thanks to my lack of technical skills, the first run-through of seasonal music arrived alphabetically.

One of the letter A albums made me feel I as though I was listening to a friend. It’s strange how voices work. It’s almost like smell. You are transported somewhere else. The thing is, though, that the man I ‘felt’ was serenading me with all the standard Christmas songs was Raj Koothrappali. You know, our favourite astrophysicist off television’s Big Bang Theory. Ludicrous, of course. Can Kunal Nayyar even sing? And if he can, does it sound like when he speaks?

Because the man who reminds me of Raj, was none other than Andrea Bocelli. The more I listened, the more I could only visualise Raj’s face to go with the voice.

When Daughter returned home to assist with the tree, I demanded that she consider whether it was Raj singing on the iPod. She concentrated, and after a while she burst out laughing, because she could hear it too.

So I’m not completely crazy.

I recognise that people don’t talk like they sing, or vice versa. But for voice personality, that’s Koothrappali in my front room, singing about snow and reindeer and holy nights. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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