6, 63 and 80

Another Happy Birthday to all three of us! That’s me – CultureWitch – who is six today. Apologies if you feel I’ve been sleeping on the job this year. I haven’t. I’ve just had a few other things to do. (What I mean is, less blogging, but not a lot of sleeping.)

Mark Harmon is 63. Some people retire then, but I’m thinking he might continue the Gibbsing for a while longer. We don’t know (or do we?) when Gibbs’s birthday is, except it happened in episode eight season three. Here he is, celebrating all alone.

Gibbs - birthday

This year we are forcing the Grandmother to observe her 80th. There will be cake and a few scones. No candle, but lashings of tea and whipped cream. And let’s hope we can abstain from singing.

(Photo © CBS)


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