Weatherly and Carroll are 97

Vance and DiNozzo

That’s together. Separately the ‘real’ DiNozzo is 46 while ‘Director’ Vance is 51. Happy Birthday, boys!

I’m hoping filming of NCIS season 12 has just started, or is about to, very soon. The more popular something gets, the harder it is to find information. I’m not exactly counting the days until September, but I’d like to know things are back to normal.

Meanwhile, let’s blow those candles out.


3 responses to “Weatherly and Carroll are 97

  1. ACtually according to Harriet the fan liaison they just started on Monday and began with birthday parties for the guys. This is preliminary stuff actual filming begins next week.

  2. Thanks. I was hoping you’d know.

  3. I think a quick trip in that direction is required then…. I’m going to hunt me some actors!

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