Cayenne with everything

This business of cooking meals in someone else’s kitchen isn’t always straightforward. But with me and the Resident IT Consultant having invaded the Grandmother’s privacy and making much of her hospitality for over two months, means the least I can do is cook dinner for everyone.

But then you stand there, having planned something reasonably simple, and you realise that the staples you have in your own kitchen are simply not available. Pasta and rice are easy enough to buy, as long as you discover the lack of them before getting too hungry.

I normally use quite a bit of seasoning, and have far too many spice jars in my own food factory. But here I am looking at salt and pepper. That’s fine, but not exclusively. On the other hand, you don’t want to go out and buy a dozen flavours for a limited period.

So, in this case I sent out for cayenne. It was initially for one dish only, but I’ve found myself adding cayenne to almost every meal. It does spice things up! 😉


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