NCIS: Los Angeles – Exposure

If Sam Hanna could keep his mind on the job and not stand there clutching a shoe that could have belonged to his beautiful daughter, I’d be grateful. First, because it’s a cliché, second because it’s not what he’s paid to do, and third because before we were told he had a family he was able to go round agenting as he should without getting sentimental. I know it’s cute. It’s just not right.

When Kensi came in and said she’d just donated blood, I felt like saying she’s not allowed. It’s hard to keep her and Daniela Ruah apart, as was proven last week when she even got a pram to ‘hide’ behind. My own L A expert says she can see the difference between pregnant Daniela and post-natal Daniela. I can’t, but it’s good to have her back, and nice to see that it works, trying to write most of a season without having to write Kensi out other than sending her to Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan thing was a bit far-fetched in the end, and we chased lots of wild geese while we were at it, and the old boyfriend thing was perhaps OTT. Perhaps not. I also thought Kensi would be traumatised for slightly longer. That would have been a valid way to give her a low profile.

Are we due another agency romance? I hope not. I’m thinking Nell and Eric were engaging in a red herring or two with their post-its, and that even Granger was seeing things where none is to be seen.

With just one more episode to go before summer, it’ll be interesting to see how they will handle it. Especially now that CBS is having another NCIS baby, with New Orleans having got the OK to go ahead. Great news, but will we get NCIS fatigue?

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