NCIS – Shooter

At first I thought Shooter was a little on the goody-goody side, but it developed well, and made for an excellent episode. McGee’s beard was just the right thread to carry through, with everyone stopping and staring at it, but not really saying anything to him. Because it was McGee. Had it been DiNozzo we’d have heard a lot more.

As ‘usual’ the mystery wasn’t much to do with what you’d think to begin with, but more a series of incidents; each leading to the next thing. Slightly too much of a coincidence that Abby knew so much, but it was in character, and the saccharine ending I was afraid of didn’t materialise. (Made the Resident IT Consultant cry, but that’s normal.)

The ‘main’ character didn’t even make it onto the cast list, because he wasn’t actually in there, except as a photograph. Weird, when you felt you got to know him so well.


It’s quite daring, in a way, to deal with homelessness among former military personnel. Sometimes they glorify life with the Marines or the Navy to an extent that you don’t expect to hear about the downsides; what happens in real life.

But looking at it realistically I suppose they are beginning to run out of ordinary nice crimes within the Navy.

(Photo © CBS)

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