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NCIS: Los Angeles – Deep Trouble

Well, yes. They jumped in at the deep end, in more ways than one.

But duel by décolletage? Really? Poor Deeks didn’t know what hit him. Or rather, he probably did and wished he’d seen this coming. (Unlikely and unprofessional, I say, but good entertainment.)

Talia and Kensi

And doesn’t it strike people as odd to have a former Navy SEAL phobic about so many everyday type of things? Clowns. Diarrhoea… Submarines. It’s charmingly normal, which I suppose is the thinking behind making Agent Hanna so human. If it was Callen I wouldn’t worry about it.

I was expecting the diarrhoea to come to something (pardon), but the only toilet related aspect was the cat fight over Deeks. At least now we know where the toilet is in the boat shed.

Callen and Sam

I don’t believe Sam Hanna will perish in his nightmare, and I’m sure Hetty will be just fine. If Linda Hunt wants her to be. I could see she’d want to retire, in which case I’m sure she’ll go out in style.

So, NCIS didn’t end with a cliff-hanger, but LA did, and as effectively as last year, if not as literally. It was deeper this time, so to speak.

All in all, a good episode. Not so great that the start of season six (on a Monday, no less) is bound to disappoint. Anything could happen, and I think I said that about NCIS as well. We have to assume CBS reckon LA can stand on its own two feet by now, and that it’s New Orleans needing the support of big brother NCIS.

NCIS – Honor Thy Father


They got their funeral attire out again. They do look good in it, and this was a funeral worth celebrating, if that’s the right way to put it.

Season 11 funeral

This last of the season episode had obviously been forced on the scriptwriters, but sometimes that makes things come out best. This worked. We had family – more than one father – and we had ordinary crimes and terrorism, and a get-together with an old adversary, as well as a feel-good human act of generosity. No silliness from DiNozzo. Just team work of the best kind. Very satisfying, all in all.

Bishop, DiNOzzo, McGee, Palmer and Ducky

So, no particular cliff-hanger for the autumn. They can do whatever they like. They probably will.

You could tell that Jackson’s old truck would be significant, but not how. The same goes for the supposedly unloaded rifle. Always a useful thing to have nearby. We learned some more about Gibbs’s very distant past, and it didn’t feel wrong. It was totally him.

I suppose he will build another bloody boat now.

(Photos © CBS)


NCIS: Los Angeles – Exposure

If Sam Hanna could keep his mind on the job and not stand there clutching a shoe that could have belonged to his beautiful daughter, I’d be grateful. First, because it’s a cliché, second because it’s not what he’s paid to do, and third because before we were told he had a family he was able to go round agenting as he should without getting sentimental. I know it’s cute. It’s just not right.

When Kensi came in and said she’d just donated blood, I felt like saying she’s not allowed. It’s hard to keep her and Daniela Ruah apart, as was proven last week when she even got a pram to ‘hide’ behind. My own L A expert says she can see the difference between pregnant Daniela and post-natal Daniela. I can’t, but it’s good to have her back, and nice to see that it works, trying to write most of a season without having to write Kensi out other than sending her to Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan thing was a bit far-fetched in the end, and we chased lots of wild geese while we were at it, and the old boyfriend thing was perhaps OTT. Perhaps not. I also thought Kensi would be traumatised for slightly longer. That would have been a valid way to give her a low profile.

Are we due another agency romance? I hope not. I’m thinking Nell and Eric were engaging in a red herring or two with their post-its, and that even Granger was seeing things where none is to be seen.

With just one more episode to go before summer, it’ll be interesting to see how they will handle it. Especially now that CBS is having another NCIS baby, with New Orleans having got the OK to go ahead. Great news, but will we get NCIS fatigue?

Eurovision 2014

Well, let’ see how long I last ‘live blogging’ this year’s Eurovision. No promises that I will reach the end.

It looked promising at first. After ten minutes all 26 countries had marched onto the stage and off again. That was the quickest of all. But it appears they expect to actually sing, as well.

So far I’ve noticed the bearded lady and the baking ladies, and am not impressed by either. What’s wrong with a plain singing a song contest?

But at least we have ‘Kasper’ to entertain us. Except the presenters don’t come into their own until the dreaded chat with all of ‘Europe.’

Number three looks nice enough, but is showing a lot of bottom where her dress ends prematurely. The Resident IT Consultant enjoyed seeing a view from Iceland that he’d actually visited. (I hasten to add I didn’t mean the lady’s behind.) Glad there was something for him too. Graham Norton is clearly not enjoying himself. Again.

Man number five looks the same as number two. Belarus, Norway, what’s the difference? Why have the green room in front of the audience? Green rooms are for participants to relax, go to the toilet, and so on. It’d be my worst nightmare to green room it in front of everyone.

Receiving flak on facebook for not liking this enough. Surely it used to be more fun? Or am I simply growing old?

Spectacular Polish hair. Spectacular other assets too. And I don’t care what anyone says, but I don’t like bearded ladies. Song is OK. And the audience appreciation managed to drown out Graham Norton’s voice. Do that again, please. Thank you Nikolaj Koppel. You may speak and silence GN.

The Grandmother is sorting her drugs, but I can still hear the Swedish song above the crackling blister packs. Not bad. Sweden knows how to song contest.

Practical joke played on the Russian twins. Someone tied their hair together. Or not. Do I have time to go empty the dishwasher? Yes. All done. The good thing about stopping watching is that you can just listen to the songs. On that basis I liked the Finnish entry.

The rain from Spain… Cute Swiss guy. Just saying. The Resident IT Consultant has just gone out for a walk. I suppose he watches better from a distance too.

Why the surprise that Malta could be any good? GN? Small is good. And the official website collapsed. Denmark, hmm. Their flag was better than the song. Dutch singers very retro. GN likes their song. So do I.

San Marino is unusual, at least. Smaller than small. Which just leaves British Molly. (The Resident IT Consultant wondered if people would vote for a free Scottish entry, next year.) Nice double deckers. The song isn’t an embarrassment, which must be a first for many years.

Pilou insults GN. Thank you, Kasper! Tak!

Now we have Mozart up a ladder… Singing hosts. Whatever next? Results would be good. Preferably instant ones. Mini Maltese junior winner. They can sing in Malta.

Curly wurly cake? Honestly.

Votes. Booing? Really? Need to remind the Europe correspondents not to make speeches. Hilversum. Reminds me of my old radio. It’s getting exciting. I don’t believe Sweden needs another win. Let’s give it to Austria.

Was going to ask if anyone actually still speaks French. The French do. Most of the other people speak several languages. They sing the votes. Austria doing well. La la la.

I suppose it’ll be Austria or the Netherlands. Conchita wins. Congratulations to her. Him. Both of them. Just goes to show we all love a beard. (Within reason.)

NCIS – The Admiral’s Daughter

Not the wittiest of titles, perhaps, but what an episode! Maybe not among the very best, but so much more fun than we’ve tended to get on average. And these days that counts.

A DiNozzo-centric story, but still good. Possibly because it was. When DiNozzo is good he’s good. And just watching him with all the senseless party people on that bus, and him not enjoying himself. Wow! And he got to go to Paris, and not even that set him off in the usual way.


Didn’t know septic tanks were that huge, and how could McGee cheat? Come to think of it, with a septic tank, I would too.

Ducky playing games seems an unlikely thing, and must have been mostly there for plot reasons. I have to admit that like Ducky I had no idea there was a limit to the number of apps you can have. I mean, what’s the point?

Palmer was being equally clever and dense, just as Palmer should be. (Can we have that home made baby now, that I’ve been requesting?)

Did anyone see the big revelation about the admiral’s daughter coming? It was unusually well hidden, I thought, and made for a much better ‘adventure.’ (How do women walk, or run, for miles, wearing shoes like that?)

DiNozzo and AmandaThis leaves me hopeful(ler) for next week, and even for season twelve. At least the last episode hasn’t been building up for weeks and months. It will have to work on its own. (Or has it?)

Happy with Larry?

I was pleased to find this, despite CBS telling me I’m in the wrong place. (I can never be in the wrong place. Where I am is the place to be.)

Better than average interview (I don’t know Larry King), and Mark Harmon was more fun than he usually is in interviews. Typical man, too. Didn’t get the age of his children right. And he has forgotten who he first kissed. Or he lied in another interview. (Btw, the polite thing would be not to call them frogs. Not the right woman, maybe, but certainly not frogs.)

And Larry King must be ancient! He’s been on television my whole life!

NCIS – Shooter

At first I thought Shooter was a little on the goody-goody side, but it developed well, and made for an excellent episode. McGee’s beard was just the right thread to carry through, with everyone stopping and staring at it, but not really saying anything to him. Because it was McGee. Had it been DiNozzo we’d have heard a lot more.

As ‘usual’ the mystery wasn’t much to do with what you’d think to begin with, but more a series of incidents; each leading to the next thing. Slightly too much of a coincidence that Abby knew so much, but it was in character, and the saccharine ending I was afraid of didn’t materialise. (Made the Resident IT Consultant cry, but that’s normal.)

The ‘main’ character didn’t even make it onto the cast list, because he wasn’t actually in there, except as a photograph. Weird, when you felt you got to know him so well.


It’s quite daring, in a way, to deal with homelessness among former military personnel. Sometimes they glorify life with the Marines or the Navy to an extent that you don’t expect to hear about the downsides; what happens in real life.

But looking at it realistically I suppose they are beginning to run out of ordinary nice crimes within the Navy.

(Photo © CBS)