NCIS – Crescent City

NCIS: New Orleans

So, how do we make sure CBS continue this New Orleans spin-off? In fact, how do they decide? Can’t go on numbers of viewers, since being a part of NCIS, it will have been seen by lots of people. Do they ask people in the street, or knock on doors, or ask a select few?

I hated Red last year. Thought Los Angeles was OK, five years ago. New Orleans I think was far better than LA. Though they would of course need to keep up the writing and keep the actors. I liked these people. Possibly found the music playing in the lab somewhat OTT.

NCIS: New Orleans

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t quite follow the last bit of the plot. Did it make sense to others? (I.e. why did the last man to die die?)

NCIS: New Orleans

This was fun. The women were good. Both Brody and the ME were the right mix of normal and quirky. Could do with subtitles to help understand what people are saying. And if they could serve the food so us viewers could sample it, please?

NCIS: New Orleans

Gibbs, who I imagine will not be part of a new series, is a little too huggy these days. He suddenly has all these really good old friends from the past, and they hug (not very manly, is it?) and Gibbs smiles. Script writers, please refer to season three, episode one. You can take it from there.

NCIS: New Orleans

But whatever you do, give us more.

(Photos © CBS)

9 responses to “NCIS – Crescent City

  1. Gibbs has always been a hugger…which i don’t mind. I also like the fact he smiles. Many have felt he doesn’t smile enough…they also feel that he isn’t the upstanding guy he was once was….not so sure what I think of that.

  2. I disagree, Katie. In the beginning he generally would show his support in a non-huggy way. And if his character isn’t smiley, then he isn’t, even if people want him to smile. I’m remarking on the big change in personality. Not what I might want.

    • Actually you may be right about the hugging…I think it may have changed by third or 4th Season. I think that he has seen a lot that has changed his personality. I always figured because of the second coma (season 3 two part episode Hiatus) a personality change could happen.

  3. Haven’t watched Part II yet but I thought Bakula’s accent was poor and preferred it when he forgot to use it.

  4. Accents can be an embarrassment, and I wish they either wouldn’t ask actors to do them, or to coach them properly first. But I have to admit to not being able to tell, in this case.

    • I can be really picky with my southern accents, mainly because I’ve lived most of my life in the south.

      • In the Swedish Wallander you get all these fancy actors with their capital city accents, not even trying to sound like they are from the south of Sweden, as they should be. I suspect sometimes people forget there are local actors who can do what is required.
        In the case of Scott Bakula, they could have made him a New Orleans ‘immigrant’ and avoided the accent issue.

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