That’s shorthand for How I Live Now, and I trust you can tell it’s available on DVD.

After racing to see who would get their hands on one first, I won and Daughter came second. But it was still her copy we watched last week, when we needed something to take her mind off something else. HILN was just the thing.

She had not seen it before, as her local cinema never showed the film. Which I think was a mistake. St Andrews is a young town, and this is a young film. Not for small children, and adults might not know about it, so would be less interested.

Being the kind of person who remembers details, Daughter was able to analyse the film more than I could. She felt the changes were mostly OK, although some unnecessary, like the use of the gun. With hindsight I agree.

The squishing together of several characters into a smaller number of people is probably unavoidable, but it does change the plot rather.

But it was just the right film to watch last week. Good timing with the DVD. Americans were able to pay to view it on demand, almost immediately after it opened in cinemas. I see no reason why we should have been discriminated against in Britain. After all, it is a British film.

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