Too close to home

When I had a ‘difficult day’ a week or so ago, I worked my way through several episodes of NCIS to cheer myself up. As I sank down on the sofa with another cup of tea, while switching the television on, I discovered that Location Location had just started, so thought I might as well watch that as put more NCIS on.

I lasted several minutes. I used to enjoy Location, and felt that it’d do for some light entertainment. But I have never before watched it while trying to sell my house. And that made all the difference.

When the whiny woman looking for her perfect new home complained some more about almost everything in the reasonably nice house she was viewing with Phil and Kirstie, I got up and put another DVD in, getting my 42 lovely minutes of NCIS, which just about calmed me down again.

It has been enlightening. I had no idea my house needed extending, or that people can’t live without large farmhouse kitchens ‘so they can watch the children play and do their homework’ or that no one can sleep in a bedroom without an ensuite.

What’s more, I had no idea that they could view the particulars for our house online and then come here believing it would miraculously have metamorphosed into their dream house overnight. And then they tell me this while they are here. What’s wrong with viewing politely and then simply leaving?


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