NCIS – Monsters and Men

If the baddie had shot Bishop at that point, I would not have shed any tears.

Don’t misunderstand me; I don’t dislike her that much. But there needs to be some magic to make me feel for a character. Yes, this is fiction. But good fiction makes people care about the characters. I – almost – cried when Kate died. I have sat tense and excited when all sorts of difficult situations have occurred over the years. Even though it is merely fiction.

I believe it’s got to do with good writing. And with creating a believable character.

This was an attempt at repeating Ari’s abduction of Kate. Parsa was no Ari. Nowhere near, in fact. And Bishop is not Kate.

The rest of the episode was good in a standard kind of way. And we did get to go on a ship. Those visits are few and far between these days. For a show based on the Navy, I can’t help but feel that more ‘boats and planes and even helicopters’ would be not just good, but a basic requirement.

Can’t work out what they are doing to Delilah, except write her out, and doing so by just talking about her. It’s not going to be a McGee thing to abandon a girlfriend in such bad circumstances. But they can’t have them get married either. Perhaps in future you should have your exit clear before a relationship is entered into?


One response to “NCIS – Monsters and Men

  1. They may not be actually writing her out. Over the years many fans on different MB’s that I frequent have said they would prefer to not have romances as a focus but the crime and investigation and the interaction of the team. They would prefer to have it mentioned now and then. Maybe the writers are “trying” to do this again. I personally feel that you need to see out side stuff too.

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