Borås Girl and I needed to go out for afternoon tea. We don’t do it often, but it happens. I chose the week when ‘everyone else’ had gone away and I’d be all alone, needing someone to chat to.

And then I tried to justify it by telling myself it would be the reward for all my hard work 25 years ago. I live too far away from Son to pop over for a slice of birthday cake on the day. So what could be better than going to the Midland Hotel for some ‘replacement’ cake?

The Midland Hotel

What it really is, though, is pampering. While tasty enough, the tea and all the stuff it comes with, I could do better at home. But it is great not having to make sandwiches or scones or cake. Even when you know how to.

Going out is nice. Sitting for two or three hours (yes, really) in a pleasant hotel, while someone polite brings all the food, and replenishes your tea and the hot water and the milk, even when not needed, is very nice.

So just like you can have a bath at home; you might occasionally want to splash (sorry) out on a visit to a spa. You can wash your own hair, and comb it. But you go to the hairdresser, anyway.

Besides, an unexpected side effect of motherhood is that on that day every blooming year I’d be working like crazy to provide a party for children of various ages. When you’re the child that seems obvious, and nice. Seen from the other side, you just want to flop down and demand to be pampered.

So, that’s what I did, once those lovely galumphing teenagers stopped distributing mud over my formerly cream coloured rug every January.

And BG and I managed to cover a wide assortment of topics to chat about.


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