The Musketeers

I was a bit shocked, to be honest. Had I not read a preview of The Musketeers, I’d have been far more confused as well. For someone with a poor memory, I do remember what the beginning of The Three Musketeers is like, even after all these years.

And this was not it. But then, it did say ‘based on the characters of’ and it was that. Very 21st century musketeering.

I know we are meant to enjoy looking at all those delicious young men, but I am so old that I had only that ghastly Richelieu to look at. The musketeers did nothing for me. OK, their boss, Captain Treville, looked reasonable, I suppose. And was the King meant to be so young?

I did enjoy the landlady, now that I think about it.

Might try it one more week before I give up.


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