The art in the cupboard

In the end it was easier than I thought it would be. I know I said I’d find it impossible to get rid of Mother-of-witch’s paintings. But once you’ve hardened your soul, you find that a fair bit can go.

After all, the best stuff is already on the walls. Not everything in my cupboards has gone. Yet. But a lot went. Makes me feel nice and ‘light.’

Art by Anna-Stina

Over Christmas Offspring were here and they needed to take a look and agree to what I was about to do. Son had asked for a few pictures to put on his walls. Preferably beachy things with boats. As it turned out, he has a shortlist, but Dodo is to have final say, and no decision has been made. Except she can’t abide the seagull he’d set his heart on. Seems that Daughter and the Resident IT Consultant are with her on that. It’s creepy, as well as large.

Oh, well.

Speaking of Christmas, we had prepared the paintings and taken them all out in advance to be looked at. Then one day Daughter and I were searching for something else entirely, and I found to my horror that the cupboard we opened contained, not what we were after, but more bl**dy paintings. That came as a surprise, I have to admit.

Later we had a day when we even braved the unframed art and looked through every last folder of absolutely everything. (Bar the sketchbooks. I still have them to leaf through.) A lot of it has gone. It was OK, but I will never have enough walls to display more of anything.

At the very end of her Christmas holidays, Daughter went through the things in her room. There were all the works of art she produced throughout her GCSE and AS-level Art… I quickly realised I will need to build walls going up and down every room in order to hang all the pictures I want.

GCSE Art 1

We got rid of some, but most of it stayed. That’s Art 1 – Witch 0. Well, I suppose it is flat and will take up less space than the books.

My new dream home is an industrial space with masses of large walls. So if anyone knows of a disused factory in central Stirling, going cheap and with a nice garden; let me know.

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