Pregnant in LA

OK, I was a little wrong. We don’t lose Kensi. Or at least, they plan to keep her working for as long as they can. (It might have been too much for both NCISs to need new female agents at the same time.)

It’s quite clever, really. Have Kensi and Deeks ‘go too far’ and send Kensi away and dress her up in wintry clothes to hide the bump a little longer. And I’m guessing they will soon – if they haven’t already – show Kensi scenes that ‘they made earlier’ for when Daniela Ruah is too pregnant.

I like the way they are prepared to work round that ever present problem of what happens to the private lives of actresses of a certain age. But none of them can know how the birth of the baby will affect the show. All the determination in the world won’t change the needs of mother and baby, but I hope Daniela’s experience is one of the best and that she will be ready to act soon again.

Can they let Kensi and Deeks stay together once she’s back from Afghanistan? Hetty might seem hard, but she’s soft too, as the Christmas gift of phones proved. ‘Bearded vulture’ doesn’t feel very Christmassy, however. I’m not sure it’s even healthy to eat vulture, but it added some festive fun, out in what must feel like the middle of nowhere. (We are wondering if the headless corpse will be related to the bodyless head.)

Good to see them using Nell as an agent (which also saves on getting another woman in…), even if Eric is jealous. Granger is being put to good use, grouching away in Afghanistan.

Deeks and Kensi - Merry Evasion

I liked Merry Evasion, the Christmas episode with a heart. Although why do they mention Holiday cards, and then wish people Merry Christmas? And you just knew the dog would be all right this close to Christmas.

(Photo © CBS)

One response to “Pregnant in LA

  1. So, when I wrote this it seems the baby had already been born – just before New Year – and announced in the press. I am so not keeping up with things. But I’m glad the baby arrived safely, even if he has been given an outlandish name.

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