#prosit 2014

I’m with the Wiener Philharmoniker. Have a prosit 2014! Although I’ve never felt quite so sleepy while ‘attending’ the New Year’s concert in Vienna before. My eyelids kept closing. Perhaps they got out of bed sooner than they should have. The dancers’ kilts & nappies were certainly different…

The night before was fine, too. Once Daughter had been dispatched to the Lovely Library Helper’s house, the rest of us tucked into this year’s – no, I mean last year’s – home made Indian meal (apart from the chilli parathas which thankfully we’d been able to buy again), and ‘watched’ Mamma Mia! in the background. Very relaxing. We had sufficiently little food that there were few leftovers. Which is probably just as well.

Between the fictional Greek island and the London fireworks we did a quiz. It was Daughter’s new quiz book which kept us giggling and arguing for another hour, or so. I even found a question about one of my facebook friends. And I even knew the answer.

Everyone else will presumably despise us for this, but between the background television and the quiz book, we have had pleasant meals (only one sitting round the table) and not too many disagreeable silences. I could see myself doing it like that again.


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