Have a very Scandi Christmas

I’m impressed. No, really.

I’ve been reading more than my share of house interiors magazines recently. You could say I’m addicted. You’d be correct. I am.

In all honesty I found the Christmas editions tedious. I hate being told how to decorate for Christmas or what to cook, and how and when.

But it seems that a Scandinavian style Christmas is what one should have this year. Or Scandi, as the short form is. And apart from showing such good sense in wanting to be all Scandi, they are getting it right. 98% of the time, anyway.

In the past people have done their best, while leaving me cringing over the mistakes. (And also worrying about all the howlers I’ve made trying to do something that I’ve not known enough about.)

So, it’s pale rooms and simple red and green decorations. None of this ‘the glitzier the better’ which I feel has nothing to do with Christmas. Parties yes. Christmas no.

What amazes me is that you don’t even have to go to IKEA but can buy from more mainstream British shops.

There’s hope for you yet. (I’m not saying Scandi is better. I like it best. But I appreciate it when it’s right.)

Poinsettia and Lucia


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