Better Angels and The Livelong Day

Two good episodes from both NCIS and LA this week, and interestingly both seemed to be on the same track as my reading at the moment. War in NCIS and trains in LA. How did they know? Actually, the war angle is not so strange. We are all working towards Remembrance Sunday (whatever that is in the US, WWI still ended at this time of year, no matter where you are/were) tomorrow.

The sentiment in Better Angels is a great one, but the wartime scenario felt a little farfetched. Admittedly, I had just read a similar Allied soldier/German soldier thing, but this one featuring pilots with Gibbs Sr was weird. Where were they?

We already knew Jackson had been in the war, but it makes him as old as Ralph Waite, or older. The ‘what if?’ premise is a good one, though. If that had happened, then none of this would have been possible.

As for LA, in real life Sam Hannah would have been dead. Most likely, anyway. But it makes for good entertainment, when you know he won’t die, on account of being a main character. It’s nice to have episode characters with, well, character. Kept wondering about Dead Man’s Switch, but the Resident IT Consultant reckoned they might not have them on US trains.

That aside, this episode was very nicely train-centric, especially for something set in California and not on the East Coast. They were a little mean to Deeks, but then he has gone a bit funny and seems to veer from one strange idea to another.

I suppose what I’m saying is that neither episode counts as stupidly outlandish. Hoping Eric will be officially permitted to wear shorts, and that the NCIS office will never be quite as empty as it was this week. Camp fire between two agents? That’s just sad.

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