NCIS – the women have it

So, we’re back to season three mode, with various women being borrowed for a week at a time, to fill the gap Ziva left behind. Whether it’s because they really haven’t found the right replacement, or if they want to give us – and themselves – some time to breathe, and grieve, I have no idea. It’s good that they haven’t rushed into finding just any female to fill the David boots.

Abby and Abby

Though I almost wondered if Agent Borin was going to be the – surprise – one. That would have been novel, letting an existing character take over. Especially one we like. When she left Gibbs’s basement last week, I thought it could be a double bluff. Or they are waiting to see what viewers’ reactions are.

That old partner of Mike’s who turned up for two weeks before retiring, was so clearly marked that no one would ever fear she’d be ‘the one.’ But Agent Grady? Not that I had realised she was an agent. I thought she just attached equipment to Gibbs’s trousers and was awkward.

Maybe we’ll see – far too much – more of McGee’s Delilah? Anyone who can give DiNozzo a heart attack is halfway there.


And the dear new SecNav. Gibbs had his suspicions about her. Not that she’d demote herself to Agent, but interfering is another thing. It was quite funny when he gave her the elevator treatment. ‘Urban legend!’ Hah.

SecNav and Gibbs

I wonder how long we’ll have women dangled tantalisingly in front of us? If we are to have a slightly used character, my money is on Abigail Borin. I enjoyed the Gabse/Gabbs pairing, except they are perhaps too alike.

Gibbs and Borin

And speaking of women, I hadn’t thought before, but in Mike’s granddaughter, they have given Gibbs a replacement daughter. Might explain why he’s mellowed.

(Photos © CBS)

4 responses to “NCIS – the women have it

  1. Actually they are filming with the new actress/replacement now and she will be appearing either the end of the month or after the Christmas break. I may have to check on that. There are behind the scenes of the cast on the NCIS set.

    As for Gibbs mellowing I feel he has mellowed since his thrashing in Hiatus 2 part. I happen to like it but I may be in the minority about that.

  2. OK, so we are not having a whole season without a woman of our own…

    Yes, I like the mellowing, too. Not too much, though. Some irritability is always fun.

  3. My hope is that Emily Wickersham is not abused by CDP;s fanatical fans. Many of them have abused the cast and crew on Twitter and constantly demand that CDP be re-hired and they blame everyone except CDP. Actually some have but they all seem to have conspiracy theories. Many also have adjusted the recent tweets of MW to include CDP as the mother of his recent child.

  4. Fans can be very stupid. If Cote wants to leave, she can leave. And we’d have noticed if she was pregnant, wouldn’t we?

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