NCIS: Los Angeles – starting season five

When I realised yesterday that we’d forgotten to watch the third episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, I had to face the fact that it’s not been tempting so far.

The torture and the cliff-hanging from back in May seem to have been almost forgotten. Mrs Hannah who performed so valiantly and did what I think no one expected, has been relegated to wifedom and making sure the child gets on with homework. What century is this? Either we have two spouses being federal agents, or we don’t.

Deeks and Kensi

And Deeks, who didn’t do what Sam suspected him of, gets told by the ever un-charming Callen that he’s not wanted. It would appear that he might be better off going back to LAPD after all. Except I suppose he can’t, seeing as we are bound to lose Kensi, what with Daniela Ruah being pregnant (by Eric Christian Olsen’s brother, no less). I was wondering if we could already see signs of them trying to hide her shape a little by going for less body hugging clothes.

But being a federal agent must be good. No matter how much you suffer physically, because within hours you’ll be up there, fighting fit and moving as though nothing happened to you.


It’s entertaining – still – in some ways. It was nice to see Nate return briefly for a bit of shrinking. I can almost not believe it’s been over four years now. By season five big brother NCIS had a lot more going for it (setting aside the unfortunate strike that year). The best scenes so far have been Kensi boring Deeks to sleep, and Hetty stroking her sports car.


There’s time, I suppose.

(Photos © CBS)

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