NCIS – Past, Present, Future

DiNozzo and Ziva

So she lived. That makes a difference in a series where few women are written out alive. Ziva could come back, if only to visit.

And we have a new woman on board, the SecNav. (Stereotype, women are secretaries…) Unless they start something weird between her and Gibbs, she’ll be fine. There is no reason why they should. I’m guessing the looks were there anyway?


The second part of the start to season eleven wasn’t too bad in the end. Not being a Tiva fan, I didn’t cry. Except possibly over Tony’s beard which made him look startlingly like Borgen’s Kasper.

Who’d have thought Ziva wanted to be a ballerina? Although, most girls want that at some point or other. I hope she gets an opportunity to try something from that list of hers.

Ziva's will

And yes, I’m sure Ari had some good points, and in a way it was ‘nice’ that he was allowed in, if only for a moment.

Abby mentioned Captain Kirk. Gibbs asked ‘Captain Who?’ (That should be Doctor Who…)


Fornell needs banana pancakes in a crisis. I’d say he should have eaten many more of those, and not even the extra extra bacon helped. But of course Gibbs didn’t shoot him. At least, not most of him. Poor Tobias.

Fornell and Gibbs

I had been warned I’d find Gibbs’s vampire eye disturbing. Strangely, I didn’t. I suspect because it wasn’t real.


Right now it looks like the new season could be OK. But it will depend on the writing. And on who replaces Ziva. She will be a hard act to follow.

3 responses to “NCIS – Past, Present, Future

  1. Some fans are hoping that TPTB warn the newbie to avoid the social media because the hard core fans will villify and attack her for coming between Ziva and Tony. Some of the horrible things that were said to Sara J Morrison (EJ) and to even Sean Murray’s SIL were awful and very embarrassing for the rest of the fandom.

  2. Just had to comment that having a female SecNav is actually quite progressive. The show doesn’t really make it completely clear what that position is, since you’re only seeing them in relation to NCIS and not the rest of the Navy/Marine Corps (I’d be surprised if the real SecNav casually visits NCIS HQ anywhere near as often as they do on the show). SecNav is the top position over the entire US Navy and Marine Corps, answering only to the Secretary of Defense and the President chain-of-command-wise, and is above the top Admiral (CNO for the US, equivalent to the UK First Sea Lord).

    Secretary of the Army, Navy or Air Force is definitely not a position usually filled by a woman. We’ve only ever had one female Secretary of the Navy in real life, and she was not appointed (she was just the acting Secretary while the position was vacant for a couple of months in 2003). They’re definitely not talking about a stereotypical clerk/typist kind of secretary. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Spanofan. I sort of understood that, and the secretary comment was simply my normal facetious one. I’d have preferred her to be less beautiful, perhaps a Madeleine Albright type of woman.
    As for visiting NCIS, it seems to be the usual one, that once they’ve started a character up, they appear more and more. Same with the Director, who was hardly there in season one.

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