Cake at 79

It was a family birthday this weekend. Or rather, it wasn’t. But with the Hungarian Accountant visiting, his sister felt some slightly premature birthday cake for their mother would be in order.

I have never experienced birthday cake with these people before. Would you expect integers (yes, whatever they are) to have much to do with birthday cake? Or any other cake, for that matter?

So people sang. The birthday child blew out the candles like a pro. There were nine candles; seven blue and two pink ones. Before any cake could be cut or eaten, she had to work out what each candle ‘was worth.’ Apparently this is a family tradition.

You should never speak of a lady’s age, but for the purposes of this mathematical candle calculation you need to know she’s 79.

How much for each blue candle, and how much for a pink one?

Oh yeah, it has to be the solution the Hungarian Accountant’s sister thought of. Not just any that works.

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