Happy 5th birthday!

It’s that time of year again. Blog birthday time. CultureWitch (and that is me!) is five years old. She’s been feeling a little tired this last year, but that’s nothing that a bit of inspiration can’t cure. Sometimes a witch needs to think of herself and make sure it’s more fun and not all work.

The Grandmother is also celebrating her annual birthday. Or very likely not celebrating at all, because she doesn’t believe much in that kind of thing.

Mark Harmon, Walk of Fame
Whether Mark Harmon celebrates is something I know nothing about. 62 today, and probably spending it working on season eleven of NCIS. During the past year we finally had him on his knees, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which wasn’t a moment too soon for someone who has worked hard and who heads one of the most popular shows on television.

But still good to see him kneel…

And Happy Birthday to all of us!


5 responses to “Happy 5th birthday!

  1. Apparently the Great Aunts are taking the Grandmother out for dinner, so I was wrong…

  2. According Harriet the fan liaison to the show she informed me they were not working on Monday but celebrated with cake on Friday.

  3. Yes, I realised belatedly that yesterday was Labor Day, and that they would most likely have the day off.

  4. Surely Mark Harmon will be president of the USA one day.

  5. He already has been.

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