Cool Man

as the annoying young man on the bus, chatting on his mobile phone, said. There is something rather affected when people throw too many foreign phrases around.

We’d just been to see the Man Ray exhibition at Mjellby Konstmuseum for the second time. Back in July I’d simply checked out what was on, before Daughter arrived. I felt Man Ray would be pretty good for her, and was suitably gratified when she embraced the idea with enthusiasm. If she’d been the ‘cool man’ type, then I’m sure that’s what she would have said.

While I found it interesting enough, I did what I always do, and walked through it fairly swiftly, and then rested in the comfortable chairs, looking at the books on Man Ray, before having a look at the latest selection of Halmstadgruppen paintings. (There’s a rather nice geometric affair in blue, with a yellow stripe that I wouldn’t mind having on my wall at home.)

Daughter, on the other hand, took her time and looked at everything. In detail. I was glad. It’s good to know you’re not always dragging Offspring, kicking and screaming, to see ‘worthwhile’ things.

Wasn’t sure she’d want to go again, when we returned and found the exhibition was still on, but she did. Considering we had to get the bus this time, I’d say she really likes this Man Ray chap. Or at least his art.

I waltzed through faster than ever, and then rested more than usual, while leafing through the books. Looked longingly at the blue geometric piece with the yellow stripe.

Once we got to the museum shop, we checked the lot out. A Freud doll rather took our fancy. But what Daughter really, really wanted was the exhibition poster. I asked, and they said this time they hadn’t printed any to sell. But we could have the small flyer, showing the same picture of Man Ray…

Man Ray, Mjellby Konstmuseum

Well thank you. But it’s not the same, is it? And I should have thought that selling the poster would be one of the more obvious things to choose. They made a whole book from the exhibition, so why stop at the poster-printing?

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