Seasons zero, eleven and five

So, as September approaches, we get no Red at all. I’m neither upset over, nor surprised by, the lack of success of Red in the NCIS stable. Where I felt NCIS: LA was viable after the two pilot episodes, I never saw Red as anywhere near the same.

I didn’t need LA to happen, but I enjoy it. Red I really don’t believe I would have watched, unless CBS had cleverly inserted some real NCIS here and there, ‘forcing’ me to join in. But it seems CBS want to protect what they’ve got, and not dilute their efforts on the mobile team.

The real NCIS. Yes. We’ll have to see how that goes. Season ten started with OK stuff and then ran out of anything really stirring. The last episode was sort of exciting, but if you remove the threat of all the agents leaving, and the fact that they really can’t have Gibbs shooting Fornell (at least for real), there is very little left, except how they get them back again.

I’m hoping they won’t kill Ziva. It would be refreshing to have someone retire and still live.

And then there’s LA. That was some cliffhanger they gave us. More literally than most occasions when you use the word cliffhanger. My second-in-command keeps saying that either Deeks or Kensi will have to go. I disagree. I don’t think they’ll do that. How to solve the kiss conundrum, though, I don’t know.

As for Mrs Hannah, I suppose they could kill her off. Hope not, because then we will have another agent with a dead wife. A motherless child.

NCIS: LA - 100th cake and team

I can’t believe that LA have already reached (at least while filming) its 100th episode. They are a mere baby! But since big brother will celebrate its 250th, I suppose they really are that old.

One month to go. Might have to rerun season ten, to get in the mood properly.


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