NCIS – Recoil

Ziva, Recoil

Now that Ziva will be disappearing (nicely, I hope) I watched Recoil from season five, again. It’s one I like, although it’s painful to see Ziva slowly unravelling in a most un-Ziva like manner.

Ziva, Recoil

I’d forgotten how fast things turn bad in Recoil. When I think back it seems like the first few minutes should last through half the show.

NCIS - Recoil

But for someone who kills all the time (or so it seems), while showing little compunction (or so it seems), here Ziva clearly can’t sleep, if the shadows under her eyes are anything to go by.

Ziva, Recoil

She leaves her hair down. Not only down, but seductively curly. Except one morning when the hair looks a little flat, rather like poor Ziva.

Ziva, Recoil

It’s a great episode for several reasons. We have two good main suspects; one who seems nice (but we know that nice is often quite bad) and one who looks shifty (and has some reason to, but no more than that). And then it turns out that neither of them did it.

Ziva, Recoil

At the end you can tell Ziva’s feeling better, because her hair is under control again. Unfortunately. Although I suppose federal agents can’t go round with seductive hair all the time. Except, she wasn’t a fed at the time. Mossad. They might have even stricter hair-rules.

Ziva ans Gibbs, Recoil

Photos © CBS


2 responses to “NCIS – Recoil

  1. I would not call Ziva a culture witch but I do see where you are coming from re Cote de Pablo. No one knows for sure why an actor leaves a show unless they say and plan it better than this was planned as Jorja Fox did in 2007. There were 5 million tiva viewers (they told me in June on NCIS Source). One thing I really liked about Cote de Pablo was that she had curves and now we will be faced with some wholesome stick thin creature.

  2. I’m the CultureWitch here.
    And how do you know we will get someone thin in her place? Wholesome is good.

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