That Puppet Game Show

Well that was a bit of a wash-out. The pre-show comments on That Puppet Game Show sounded so positive I almost didn’t hesitate to sit the Resident IT Consultant down in front of the box to eat dinner. I’m lucky he didn’t choke on the carrot sticks.

I was so keen I watched despite the first guest being Jonathan Ross. I was so keen I watched despite it being a game show. I don’t generally watch game shows, and especially not on a Saturday night when all right thinking people know there is nothing to watch if it’s not on BBC4.

The thing is, Jonathan Ross was among the best things on the show, and that is not a comment I make lightly. Even Katherine Jenkins was a little disappointing. Muppets/Puppets don’t belong with simple minded games. They are to be connected with highly intelligent humour, and there was only a tiny bit of amusement to be found mainly in the backstage happenings.

Singing sausages and Martini-drinking armadillos. I don’t think so.

In future we will choke – or not – on our carrot sticks in the kitchen, completely sans any puppets.


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